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Attract high value clients that appreciate your time and work and have continual business, Month by Month

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Find the right talents to do 80% of the work, so you can focus on branding and growing your business

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Learn automated systems to scale your business to grow your income while working less hours

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Take charge of Your Business Online Growth With:

We have taken the top results we have implemented from various clients to provide A Step by Step, Instructor Lead, Video Training Series designed to help you Accelerate your business and skills to the next level

As we have grown our business, we have had clients pay THOUSANDS to implement, test and find the perfect systems that worked for their business. Today, I want to share our most up to date strategies that you can implement for YOUR BUSINESS or clients businesses’

What is in our programs can help you accelerate your learning curve to get from where your business is, to what you imagine your business could be 5 years from now. Stop wondeirng what the strategies, marketing funnels, landing page designs should be and see behind the scenes looks on exactly what we are implementing for our clients today.


What Other’s have to say about Blendlogic

Jordan Lawley

Jordan Lawley

NBA Skills Trainer

Email from Jordan:

Hey Entrepreneurs…

Alan Nafarrete here and I want to share with you BEHIND THE SCENES look at growing my business and how it became what it is today. You may think I am some coding guru with natural talent to make these landing pages and video courses, but that is far from the truth…I have been learning this on the fly… day by day… and want to help you do the same but faster

In 2014, I had launched Blendlogic to be a one-stop shop for accelerating small-businesses digital presence to compete with the Big companies. I was working a full-time job that had me consistently putting overtime hours, helping big business’s become even larger. But what about the little guys? I had a vision that I could help other’s achieve the successes of the Big Time Companies. Night after Night, Day after Day, I had self-learned Website Design, Marketing and found free-lance gigs slowly but surely. I was your typical “wantrepreneur”

As I had raised my market value skills in Web Design and Digital Marketing, I began getting more clients and helping them deliver amazing projects. However, I soon realized that I had added another Full-Time Job with a Full-Time Job. I would close a $5,000 project, grind away to deliver the promised work… then I was back to square one. I would have to go back and find a new client, while no money was coming in. I had fallen for the TOP TWO Mistake growing consultants make…

#1 Failing to utilize the Power of Systems

A few weeks ago, I was asking my friend Kyle how he liked the West Coast life. Kyle had left Atlanta to work as a Software Engineer, coding away, day after day, fixing bugs and creating new programs. And of course, he had that West Coast Salary…. somewhere along 6-Figures. Sounds amazing right? See this code was used to create a system. The System does the same code time after time, getting the results the business wants. For those companies out there, that System was worth paying him 6 figures.

But I had thought to myself, with all the coders and programmers out there writing systems for other people… how are people implementing systems for themselves or their business? I thought about this and decided to write my own code for my business….

By pivoting my business to a Digital Marketing Consultant company, I was able to create POWERFUL systems that harnessed RECURRING REVENUE. When yProprietarymail Marketing, Chatbot Automation and Marketing Funnels, those systems generate Warm Leads and major traffic. When that happens, the likelihood that the client will want or need your systems is VERY HIGH.

Businesses need your help. They want to grow, and most are already spending money on Marketing. WHY NOT ME? WHY NOT YOU?

#2 Building the Wrong Toolset

I had just returned from a trip from Brazil, and on that trip, I had met an entrepreneur who had worked for several city tour companies. She had learned the in’s and outs (important for any entrepreneur) and had decided she could do it herself. While talking to her about her mindset and how she handles running the business I found that she had recently just hired a Web Designer and marketer. That’s when it hit me… WHO DOESN’T NEED A WEBSITE? WHO DOESNT WANT TO GROW THEIR BUSINESS?

I was thinking of this because I had thought of what “TOOLSETS” I have been acquiring in my life, especially with my 9 to 5. Before I had been a Programmer like my friend above, but the coding language I was learning was a “Proprietary Language”. In Other words, NO ONE ELSE IN THE INDUSTRY could use that language. I knew I had to get out. As I switched to doing Business Intelligence Consulting, I realized that despite all the mastering of the “Toolsets” I was learning, it didn’t have the UNIVERSAL need that would really scale my value in the world. For one, only BIG COMPANIES could afford the software I was helping to implement. Second, You will find that in the consulting world, One Program or skill you implement for a client… soon is replaced by another one.. and all that time I spent learning the system was for naught.

But on this trip to Brazil… and meeting this entrepreneur I realized… all the way here on another continent… The skills I had learned on the side are UNIVERSAL. Everyone out there will need a website. Every business out there will need to know the latest Marketing Funnel Software and tools that will help them get clients. Once that clicked in my mind… I knew I had to share everything that had brought me success in my company with others. I wanted to help my friends and family grow their own businesses or launch their own. So I made some videos for them… and slowly it turned into something more…

Introducing THE BASELINE Consulting Program

I worked with top clients to grow there social media and online branding, and I have consolidated the best tips and tricks into a simple, easy to follow the course which will help you understand the ins and outs of running a Digital Marketing Agency. I have also been lucky to work with hard working and successful clients who have imparted and shared insights of what brought success in their lives and business. I am combining everything I learned personally, and what mentors have taught me and creating a special program THE BASELINE.

This course will lay out EVERYTHING I have learned in detailed videos.

If you are seeking to gain additional income or switch careers into the online space… This IS FOR YOU

If you own your own business and are curious how top performers are dominating the online industry… THIS PROGRAM IS ALSO FOR YOU.

If you are looking to expand your skill set, and offer more value to others… THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

I launched this course in 2017, and I have seen the growth in confidence, output, and sales of countless business owners who have implemented the lessons from this course. I want this course to be the GOLD STANDARD for seeking help, and I am always looking to improve the course with the latest research I find from books, webinars, and conferences I am attending.

See you on the inside,


30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

We are confident that you will reap the rewards and benefits of this program, however if you fulfill all program requirements, document results AND are still not seeing results, a refund may be issued within 60 days of the purchase date.